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CLASSIC WOODEN TOYS - Spring House Press

CLASSIC WOODEN TOYS - Spring House Press
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In an era of mass production and disposable plastic, well-made wooden toys stand out every time: They’re simple, ageless, and just plain fun. The twenty projects in Classic Wooden Toys are smartly designed and built to last. They'll stand up to hard play and still look good when passed down from one generation to the next. Whether you’re looking for rugged toy trucks, delicate dollhouse furniture, or timeless bookshelves and toy chests designed to grow with your kids, Classic Wooden Toys is a reliable guide and helpful hand that walks you through the entire building process.

The 20 projects inside Classic Wooden Toys include:
•Imaginative Play -- Playtime Easel, Kid-Pleasing Rocking Pony, Marble Race, Rainbow Thrower, Scrapwood Wagon, Pendulum Doll Cradle,  and a Doll High Chair
•Trucks & More – Three-of-a-Kind Trucks, Front-End Loader, Toy Truck, Road Grader, Bulldozer, and Tug Boat
•Pull-Toy Pals – Chomping Shark, Waddling Walrus, and Beaver
•Toy Storage – Treasure Chest, Kid-Friendly Toy Box, and Pencil-Post Book Shelf

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