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The Woodworking Books category contains most of the woodworking books found on this site, divided conveniently into the various subcategories you see listed below. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you need any assistance locating the right books for the project you have in mind!
Joinery Tips & Techniques
Product ID : 11-95
From the lowly butt joint to the vaunted dovetail, joinery makes a...
The Foundations of Better Woodworking
Product ID : 21-261
What's the secret to producing beautiful furniture that you and your family...
I Can Do That! Woodworking Projects - Updated and Expanded
Product ID : 21-262
Beginning woodworkers are constantly stymied by the apparent need for...
Lesson Plan for Woodturning: Step-by-Step Instructions for Mastering Woodturning
Product ID : 16-242
Written by a professional woodturning instructor with over a decade’s...
Woodcarving: 20 Great Projects for Beginners & Weekend Carvers
Product ID : 6-230
by John Hillyer. These are 20 quick and easy projects from a Roly Poly Santa,...
Creative Concrete Ornaments for the Garden
Product ID : 7-366
Sherri Warner Hunter, author of the bestselling Creating with Concrete,...
FRENCH POLISHING: Finishing and Restoring Using Traditional Techniques
Product ID : 8-133
French polishing is widely considered to be one of the most beautiful way sot...
Product ID : 3-124
It’s a universal need—more storage. Whether you’re housing books and...
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Product ID : 21-263
Woodworker Andy Standing presents 20 fabulously functional household items...
Fresh Designs for Woodworking: Stylish Scroll Saw Projects to Decorate Your Home
Product ID : 14-539
Written specifically for the woodworker seeking new adventures in the world...
Sculpting the Female Face & Figure in Wood: A Reference and Techniques Manual
Product ID : 6-318
The female face and the female figure have been drawn, sculpted, carved, and...
Refinishing Furniture Made Simple: Includes Companion Step-by-Step Video
Product ID : 8-132
Old furniture, whether a treasured heirloom or consignment shop find, is...
Carving in the Round: 7 Projects to Take Your First Steps in the Art
Product ID : 6-323
Carving in the Round takes readers on a journey to develop their...
Contemporary Woodturning
Product ID : 16-248
Woodturning, a form of woodworking where the wood is moving while a...
Product ID : 28-182
Learn dovetail techniques from a pro. Veteran furniture maker Stephen Hammer...
The Best of Woodcarving Illustrated: Power Carving Manual
Product ID : 6-317
Take Your Carving to the Next Level with the Speed and Control of Power Tools...
Village Carpenter [LSI]
Product ID : 4-590
Subtitle: "The Classic Memoir of the Life of a Victorian Craftsman." First...
TURNING WOOD WITH CARBIDE TOOLS: Techniques and Projects for Every Skill Level
Product ID : 16-240
Everything a woodturner needs to know about using and implementing the...