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Doormaking: Materials, Techniques and Projects for Building Your First Door

Doormaking: Materials, Techniques and Projects for Building Your First Door
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Materials, Techniques and Projects for Building Your First Door.

Few pieces of furniture, save perhaps chairs, work as hard as doors. Building them to last, especially exterior doors, takes knowledge and experience that don’t come from making other types of furniture, such as tables and bookcases. Doormaking: Materials, Techniques and Projects for Building Your First Door by woodworker Strother Purdy gathers all the information and guidance that both beginning and intermediate woodworkers need to be successful making their first door.

While covering the construction of the eight most popular doors, Doormaking: Materials, Techniques and Projects for Building Your First Door starts first by addressing the fundamentals: the basics of good design and proper construction technique, the pros-and-cons of common materials including wood and sheet goods, interior and exterior finishes, hardware and the fine points of hanging doors.

Once those key elements are covered, Doormaking: Materials, Techniques and Projects for Building Your First Door offers project chapters that walk the reader step-by-step through the construction of eight essential doors, explaining design and material choices in specific contexts, tool options and other considerations. The first four projects are easly accessible to a beginner while the the remaining projects offer up some more challenging details for the intermediate woodworker. Also included are sidebars containing amusing anecdotes and mistake stories – each delivering tips as well as details for hanging a door – and an inspiring gallery of doors that are sure to inspire.

Doormaking: Materials, Techniques and Projects for Building Your First Door is a must for any woodworking hobbyist, professional craftsman, or DIY homeowner.

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