Terms and Conditions

At The Woodworkers Library, respecting your privacy is a central to the way we do business. It is our intention to provide our customers with a secure, private atmosphere to review our online catalog and order books. We collect personal information to process orders, subscribe people to our newsletter, and fulfill requests for catalogs. All personal information we collect is kept for the sole use of The Woodworkers Library, except as explicitly defined below.

1) e–mail

We will never share your e-mail address with a third party – period. We know how it feels to be inundated with spam, and are absolutely set against enlarging the problem. Your e-mail address will be safe with us.

Subscribers to our e-mail newsletter go through a double-opt-in confirmation process, hosted by industry-respected mailing list host ListCast (www.listcast.com). Our mailing list is 100% comprised of people who have gone through this process. We don't buy or rent e-mail addresses to add to our list (and of course we don't sell or rent the e-mail addresses we've collected to anyone).

Only subscribers to our Newsletter (click here to learn about the newsletter) are contacted by e-mail, unless e-mail is a customer's preferred mode of communication for arranging order details.

2) telephone number

If we collect your telephone number during a transaction, rest assured that it, like your e-mail address, will never be shared with a third party. It's as simple as that.

Furthermore, we only contact our customers via phone to conduct transaction-related communications; we perform no marketing or sales via telephone.

3) mailing address

On occasion we supply customer mailing addresses to trustworthy third parties who specifically offer woodworking-related merchandise (tools, books, supplies, etc.). These third parties are carefully selected by us and are always quality merchants who are respectful of customers and do not abuse their privacy.

If you do not wish to be contacted by these third parties and receive their special woodworking–related offers, please advise us and we will immediately remove you from this marketing list.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our privacy policy.