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As countless thousands poured into the fertile San Joaquin Valley of California in the decades following the Civil War, some brought visions of man's darker side to this new Eden. Murder in the Garden is the absorbing examination of fifteen notorious crimes from the not-too-distant past of Fresno, California.

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    Subtitle: "Building a Tradition of Excellence in Clovis Unified Before, During and After Unification" Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the founding of Clovis Unified School District, 50 Unified Years is the authoritative history of the district?s growth and transformation from a group of small rural schools to one of the finest public education systems in the nation. The history of Clovis Unified School District is a dynamic story of teachers, administrators, and parents working together to fulfill a vision ? to equip every child to be the best they can be in mind, body, and spirit. 50 Unified Years includes the history of every school in the district, from the one-room schoolhouses of the 1870s whose names still live on, to the schools you attended as a child, to the state-of-the-art facilities your children attend today. 50 Unified Years is more than the story of a school district. It?s your story and it?s our story. It?s a story of unparalleled achievement. It?s a story about building a community and a way of life that is the heart of why Clovis is a great place to live.



    Subtitle: "The Bizarre, Freakish, and Just Curious Ways People Die in the Golden State." This book?s aim is to encompass shocking murders and accidents that at the time shook the very soul of Californians, but eventually and gratefully faded from memory. California has always been a destination for people with dreams of fame and fortune. Anything is possible in California, and when anything is possible, death always lurks nearby. ?Death in California? is a historic manuscript detailing the more arcane ways people have died in the Golden State. The thirty-one vignettes in ?Death in California? range from a description of being one of the fourteen different tourists to be swept to their deaths over Vernal Falls in Yosemite National Park, to singer Bob ?Bear? Hite of the blues/boogie band Canned Heat overdosing on heroin in a seedy Hollywood nightclub. The book?s diverse set of deaths include a tale of torture and murder by a chicken farmer in the desert in 1926, as well as the tragedy of a 10- ton jet airplane crashing into a Bay Area apartment kitchen in 1973. The litany of freakish and bizarre deaths in California also include hangings, gun accidents, crashes and suicide. Social status is no barrier: both the famous and obscure are profiled.


    CALIFORNIA DESPERADOS cover image $15.95

    "I shot him in the left temple; the gun dropped from his hands; he quivered one instant, and Andy McGinnis climbed the Golden Stairs...." This was Chris Evans speaking. Evans, the killer, train robber and fugitive, was describing the famous shootout at Young's cabin when he and his partner John Sontag ambushed and killed two members of a posse that was pursuing them. In California Desperadoes, Evans and seven other early outlaws tell their own raw stories-tales of holdups, shootouts and desperate flights from the law. Witness the cruel confessions of the ruthless gang of California bandits who murdered a whole family-men, women, and children-in the opening days of the Gold Rush. Stand on the gallows with the notorious Jim Stuart as he is hanged by San Francisco vigilantes determined to retake their city from hordes of Australian convicts, robbers and killers. The ill-starred adventures of Tom Bell, Tiburcio Vasquez and Charles Dorsey will hold you spellbound as the outlaws themselves take you along the dangerous trails they rode. And stage robbers Jim Smith and Dick Fellows will shock you with their own tales of the harrowing and sometimes hilarious antics of the California highwaymen of another day. These are true stories told by true desperadoes and illustrated with many rare photographs. Here are first-person accounts you will not soon forget!


    THE NEWHALL INCIDENT. cover image Call for price

    Midnight, April 5, 1970. Minutes after a red Pontiac with two men in it is stopped, four young California Highway Patrolmen lay dead of gunshot wounds. The incident still stands as the worst of its kind in America.

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