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Crafting Wood Logic Puzzles provides plans and instructions for crafting 18 of the most popular manual puzzles. Projects range from traditional “put together/take apart” games like pentominoes and soma cubes to more sophisticated “unlocking” head-scratchers, such as the Burr and Heart Box puzzles. Readers will also learn specialized cutting, drilling, sanding, gluing and finishing techniques that make crafting wooden puzzles possible.

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  • ZANY WOODEN TOYS THAT WHIZ, SPIN, POP, AND FLY: 28 Top-Secret Projects You Can B

    ZANY WOODEN TOYS THAT WHIZ, SPIN, POP, AND FLY: 28 Top-Secret Projects You Can B $19.95

    Inventive and unique, this dynamic collection of woodworking projects teaches the basic skills needed to make exciting, action-packed toys. From rapid-fire nickel launchers and ball-and-socket robots to a monkey-toss gumball machine, each project includes a color photograph, a tools and materials list, a full diagram, woodworking plans, and instructions for using the finished product. Covering all the methods necessary for creation—selecting wood, drilling and shaping, making wheels and axles, and decoration—these constructions are simple enough for children and parents to complete together, all in an afternoon’s time.



    In seven simple steps, the clear, complete directions in this book and companion DVD give you everything you need to create a customized concrete countertop that's functional and attractive. If building a concrete countertop doesn't strike you as a traditional home improvement project, you're right. But the detailed advice and step-by-step illustrations in the book, plus valuable demonstrations on the DVD, will help you create a flawless countertop in just two weeks -- all with basic tools and materials. For a fraction of the price you'd pay for granite, marble or any artificial material like Corian, you can make a beautiful concrete countertop to suit any décor. And by taking a complicated process and making it so utterly simple, best-selling author Fu-Tung Cheng makes your job enjoyable, affordable and rewarding.

  • Cigar Box Guitars: The Ultimate DIY Guide for the Makers and Players of the Hand

    Cigar Box Guitars: The Ultimate DIY Guide for the Makers and Players of the Hand $29.95

    Part DIY guide, part scrapbook – this book takes you behind the music to get a glimpse into the faces, places and workshops of the cigar box revolution. Cigar box guitars have never been more popular and now you can learn to make your own. You don't need to spend a lot of money and you don't need to have a shop full of tools. All you need to do is follow the author's step-by-step instructions for making three different styles of guitar. They're fun (some would say addictive) to build and even more fun to play! The guitars that can be made with this book: • Basic CBG: A simple build with the minimum number of components. It's a three string acoustic instrument built from a paper covered box and played with a slide and has burned-in fret lines, but no real frets. • Slightly Nicer CBG. Uses a nicer cigar box, has a more decorative, built-up headstock. Also has burned in fret-lines and three strings. In addition, this one incorporates a very simple piezo pickup so it can be played through an amplifier. Slightly more complex in woodworking terms and involves a bit of wiring and soldering. • Cigar Box Telecaster. This one would be built from a cigar box and a pre-fabbed six-string guitar neck. It would use commercial pickups and volume/tone controls. I'm picturing it as a tribute to the Fender Telecaster. It involves more complicated woodworking and much more wiring/soldering, as well as filling much of the box with wood to support the tension of six steel strings. More than just a how-to guide, this book chronicles the modern revival of the cigar box guitar. You’ll learn a bit about its roots, influential personalities and the cultural trends that are bringing this instrument back to the musical landscape. Author and professional photographer, David Sutton introduces readers the faces of the CGB movement with in-depth profiles and photographic portraits of fascinating builders and performers. Basic information about learning to play and tune a cigar box guitar are also included. A perfect opportunity to put a real American tradition in your own hands.



    "Walls, Fences, Paths, Patios, Benches, Chairs & More". Includes design, technical considerations, tools and materials. Also drawings, patterns, photos, everything to make your project a success. Over 30 garden seating ideas alone.


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    You don’t have to be a carpenter to build this 8 x12-ft storage shed, we make it easy. We’ve already figured out the angles and worked out the measurements. This plan comes with a complete shopping list, construction details, step-by-step instructions and photography. Dimensions - 8’ Wide x 12’ Long x 9’ High Tools Needed Basic hand tools, shovel, mitre box, circular saw, framing square, handsaw, level, chalk line

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