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Devoted to design principles, influences, appreciation, and application, this fully illustrated manual presents a thoroughly unique approach to becoming a professional furniture maker and designer. The major part of the book is devoted to design principles, influences, appreciation and application for the self-employed craftsman, working either alone or in a partnership, or for the student or woodworker who wishes to start his own business. This section is fully illustrated with examples of work suitable for both batch production and one-off commission work, and these two aspects are discussed in full in two separate chapters. Nine designs are drawn to scale with elevations and plans and detailed cutting lists. A brief introduction is given to the craft furniture movement (Craftsman Furniture), the Cotswold School and the creative craftsmen of the period, followed by an outline of the Froxfield workshops and the author’s own training under Edward Barnsley. It continues with all the aspects of setting up and/or improving the workshop along with the tools and machinery that may be required for a variety of working situations. Business efficiency methods are also explored, including the available professional help such as accountants and solicitors who may ease the paperwork side of running a business, in addition to the promotional aspects—exhibitions, press coverage, gallery display, and photography—that are so essential to growth. Training through trade apprenticeships as well as formal training in specialist schools and technical colleges are given particular attention. This handbook is indispensable to any self-employed craftsman, student, or woodworker looking to start a business.

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