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Susanka is a nationally known residential architect. In this book she shows homeowners what they need to know to get the home that fits their dreams and lifestyles. She examines 25 examples of design and gives readers an insight in to successful home design. Susanka discusses and illustrates the principles of the Not So Big House.

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  • How to Make Outdoor & Garden Furniture: Instructions for Tables, Chairs, Planter

    How to Make Outdoor & Garden Furniture Cover $22.99

    From the Experts at American Woodworker. Stylish, well-designed outdoor furniture is the crowning beauty of a charming property. Enjoy outdoor living to the fullest with these functional and decorative furniture projects for deck, patio, yard and garden. From Adirondack chairs, patio bars and picnic tables to showcase Victorian trellises and planters, the experts at American Woodworker provide complete plans and instructions for building great-looking pieces that will beautify your outdoor space. Expert advice on finishing and varnishing ensures that your durable wooden furniture will stand up to the elements for years to come. How to Make Outdoor & Garden Furniture offers 23 do-it-yourself projects for both novice and experienced woodworkers. Superb step-by-step photographs and excellent working drawings help ensure success for both amateur and experienced builders. Each project takes from just a few hours to a weekend to complete, making this book an ideal resource for transforming your outdoor décor.



    Pakenham has spent the last two decades chronicling the lives of the world's most dramatic trees. He takes us on a breathtaking voyage across four continents and introduces us with passionate text and stunnding photography to trees of amazing personality. The enormous strangler from India, the 4700 year old "Methusalehs", the Joshua trees of Death Valley and other absolutely fantastic trees.

  • Carving 18th Century American Furniture Elements: 10 Step-By-Step Projects for F

    Carving 18th Century American Furniture Elements: 10 Step-By-Step Projects for F $24.95

    Subtitle: "10 Step-by-Step Projects for Furniture Makers". “Carving 18th Century American Furniture Elements” guides the reader through the process of carving authentic motifs found on the most treasured pieces of 18th century American furniture. Each of the 10 projects are presented in a step-by-step progression, from shaping the surface through layout, to rough carving and finally detailed carving. Each step is described in detail with emphasis on technique and methods used to accomplish the task. In addition, the text is supplemented with numerous annotated diagrams and photographs to assist the reader. The intent of the book is two fold. First is that the serious reader will be able to carve the elements from the text and photographs. These projects are not simplified versions that leave out the more complex details that make each element interesting and noteworthy. The entire process is covered and no steps are omitted. Second is to instill confidence in the reader that carving these elements is a learned skill and to provide guidance to that end. “Carving 18th Century American Furniture Elements” is intended for the serious student of American period furniture as well as those who are trying to improve their carving skills through practice and self study. It is written so that an experienced carver can learn new motifs and that a novice can gain confidence quickly. All of the projects are presented as part of a piece of furniture rather than stand-alone items that are for practice only. The projects selected for this book were chosen because of their importance and popularity in relation to museum quality 18th century American pieces.

  • The Creative Woodturner: Inspiring Ideas and Projects for Developing Your Own Wo

    Creative Woodturner Cover $24.95

    Woodturning is as popular as ever -- a constantly growing segement in the woodworking world and one of the most wide-reaching woodcrafts among artists and hands-on crafters. It’s appeal is based on the short learning curve, the minimal equipment, and the sheer joy of learning to make something out of wood with one’s own hands. But, unlike a lot of crafts that rely on individuality and creative thinking, the initial techniques of woodturning must be mastered. While at first liberating, these same techniques can eventually be confining because in mastering them, one must follow the lead of others. At a certain point, woodturners can feel that mastering the techniques has become the end in itself as they lose sight of their true pursuit: to create one’s own original style. In fact, some woodturners, who believe they aren’t creative enough, will simply continue to master techniques while imitiating the style of others. Terry Martin, the author of The Creative Woodturner and a woodturning artist, instructor, and photographer for over thirty-years, believes this goes against the fundamental nature of creating and being an artist. There is no “right” or “wrong” and the pursuit of originality should be the goal of every woodturner. Best of all, creativity can be learned and the ability to think and see in one’s own artistic style can be achieved. The Creative Woodturner is not your usual “how-to” woodturning book. It won’t tell you what a chuck is, how to sharpen a scraper, or how to turn a goblet. Instead, this book is a “how-to” for unlocking curiosity, how to break the rules, and for following one’s own artistic path with confidence. Designed to give readers a wide-persepective on creativity, The Creative Woodturner begins first with insightful commentary, quotes, and examples from the woodturning and art community that will both inspire and inform. In addition, the author shares his Idea Tools: questions to ask during the planning and creative process that are as important to the creation of the woodturning project as any equipment in the shop. Finally, 16 one-of-a-kind projects – from boxes and vessles to bowls and one-of-a-kind scultpures – are featured that will spark the creative mindset of any woodturner. Each project is documented with instructions and crisp photography highlighting the key steps, techniques, and tasks necessary for completion. In taking the reader through each project, the author pulls back the curtain on his woodturning magic and shares his vision and how the Idea Tools and creative thinking emerges in each project. An inspiring and enjoyable read not only for woodturners, but for any artist, The Creative Woodturner will anyone to think and see differently so time is spent at the lathe – or whatever creative pursuit it is -- creating the original ideas instead of imitating someone else



    Benjamin designed this work as a practical handbook for architects and carpenters. It was largely responsible for the Greek Revival style which spread throughout the East. This is a basic text for the period and presents designs for windows, columns, fences, vases, balusters, shutters, moldings, staircases, and much more. This was a very influential book in its day.



    This is the new revised and expanded edition. This is one of the classic books on housebuilding, over 350,000 copies in print. The new edition includes newly revised drawings, additional photos, and a thoroughly updated text. Procedures such as positioning doors and windows, laying a foundation, setting up a drainage system are all simplified so that it is clear what is needed. This covers all aspects of housebuilding. Regular $19.95 Special $15.95

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