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The best articles from Fine Homebuilding magazine that give step-by-step guidance from hands on experts. Includes trade secrets, new techniques, and time-saving tips. The book presents the basic principles you need to know to waterproof residential structures.

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  • Whittling Pencils

    whittling pencils cover $12.99

    This introduction to the slender craft of pencil carving shows how to make ordinary pencils come to life. Readers learn to whittle fascinating Santa pencils, Wood Spirits, Leprechauns and even an iconic Uncle Sam. Each complete project includes detailed instructions for whittling these skinny subjects, accompanied by dozens of step-by-step illustrations. The author provides important tips for selecting the proper micro-mini carving tools, plus advice on choosing the right kind of oversized pencil-made from plastic resin-that will take fine detail. He describes different options for popular beard variations, plus basic rules for painting, finishing and sealing.



    This is a completely revised and updated edition. Understanding Wood is a highly recommended book. It is a classic in the field. The new edition contains information on composite materials, adhesives, and finishes, and much new photography. Just as your doctor uses their Physicians Desk Reference, no serious woodworker should be without Understanding Wood. REGULAR $39.95 OUR PRICE $31.95. You save 20%.

  • Carving the Human Face, Second Edition, Revised & Expanded

    Carving the Human Face, Second Edition, Revised & Expanded $24.95

    For anyone who's ever had trouble rendering the human face, the newly expanded and revised edition of Carving the Human Face, is your ticket to creating realistic portraits. From a world champion carver known for his lifelike busts, this updated book includes new patterns and photographs, in addition to valuable information on techniques for creating realistic hair, facial features, realistic skin and muscle, hats and head dresses. Phares provides tips for fixing common anatomical errors, and information about proper tool use. An exhaustive step-by-step project, that includes over 350 demonstration photos, guides you from a block of butternut to a finished mask of a Native American warrior. A gallery of Jeff Phares' amazing work will inspire you!



    This is a great reference for those people who are in the process of designing a deck. Over 275 photos of various components of some of the finest decks in America. Outdoor kitchens, stairs, fireplaces, landscape structures, railing, site materials, doors, gates, arbors and much more. A valuable reference manual for the deck builder.

  • Hand-Cut Dovetails the Rob Cosman Approach

    Hand-Cut Dovetails the Rob Cosman Approach $19.95

    •Rob cuts the joint using his new method in real "shop time" • Tool overview, why some work better than others and buying advice •The one on one workshop, Rob coaches Dave through his first ever hand cut dovetail using the "New" method •Results speak louder than words! This is our first production with a real student being taught on camera. Dave represents the average student I have attending my workshops and since he has never cut the joint before, it was a perfect setting to introduce my new technique. If you have yet to master the hand cut dovetail, this video will get you where you want to be.

  • Joinery Tips & Techniques

    Joinery Tips & Techniques Cover $21.99

    From the lowly butt joint to the vaunted dovetail, joinery makes a woodworking project stronger, attractive and durable. Learn how to make the most common woodworking joints using hand tools and power tools, with tips to speed and improve your work. Also included are plans for jigs to make your work easier and more precise, advice on building frame-and-panel doors and step-by-step instructions for lots of dovetails, including sliding dovetails. If you're just starting out in woodworking, or if you're looking for a way to just improve, we've got the joint for you!

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