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It is estimated that nearly 3 billion board feet of urban lumber are buried, chipped, burned or otherwise destroyed. Dr. Sherrill discusses how to alleviate at least some of this waste by harvesting this timber and using it for a variety of different purposes. There are clear, concise, step-by-step instructions on felling, bucking, sawing, and drying timber. There are case studies of how some communities have used this timber for public works projects and how independent tree services can convert this timber and sell it to both professional and hobbiest woodworkers. This is a much needed book that addresses an increasingly difficult problem faced by many communities.

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    Using modern methods, materials and tools, Savage shows how to do everything from making moldings to painting and finishing trim. The author gives good coverage to the practical problems in trim work such as walls that are not plumb, floors that are not level and openings that are out of square. Savage also covers tools, selection of trim, and joinery. See Installing Trim (22-43) and Installing Doors and Windows (22-44) in Video section. Part of the For Pros by Pros series.

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