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A MANUAL FOR THE WOODWORKER by Graham Blackburn The second volume in Graham Blackburn's Illustrated Workshop Series, Traditional Woodworking Handtools covers every aspect of choosing, rehabilitating, and getting the most out of traditional handtools, it's the ideal guide for creating beautiful details, perfect fit, and final finish to any woodworking project and a reminder of why in this age of machines, handtools remain the best and - very often- the only way to go.

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    Create something to show for your weekend! If you’re looking for projects that you can start and finish in just a weekend’s time, look no further than Outdoor Wood Projects. This collection of 24 projects for the backyard and garden can be completed with basic DIY tooling, inexpensive materials, and beginner skills. Perfect for basic woodworkers and just right for anyone more experienced who wants a “filler” project. Put your stamp on your outdoor space. Why compromise with mass merchandise when you can make your own? With Outdoor Wood Projects you can create exactly what you need. Though quick and inexpensive to build, the projects in this collection will enhance your garden and backyard for years to come, including: •a window box with corbels •an Adirondack chair and ottoman •a strawberry pyramid •a compost bin •a trellis with cutouts •and many more!

  • Compound Relief Carving Wood Spirits

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    A Step-By-Step Guide for Releasing Faces in Wood Lora S. Irish The definitive guide for learning relief carving. From transferring the pattern to preparing the wood and making the cuts, every element of the carving process is carefully illustrated and clearly explained. In carving a legendary wood spirit, a beginner will learn about tools and how to use them, how to create realistic eyes, noses, and other facial features, and how to add the element of texture.

  • Caricature Carving from Head to Toe

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    First, you will learn how anatomy relates to expression by creating a clay model. Then, you will follow the author step-by-step through an entire carving project for an old man with a walking stick. Finally, learn to create alternate facial expressions by following the author's expert advice. Includes an overview of wood selection, tools and an expansive photo gallery. 3 Additional Patterns Included: - Santa - Ball Player - Cowboy

  • Whittling Pencils

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    This introduction to the slender craft of pencil carving shows how to make ordinary pencils come to life. Readers learn to whittle fascinating Santa pencils, Wood Spirits, Leprechauns and even an iconic Uncle Sam. Each complete project includes detailed instructions for whittling these skinny subjects, accompanied by dozens of step-by-step illustrations. The author provides important tips for selecting the proper micro-mini carving tools, plus advice on choosing the right kind of oversized pencil-made from plastic resin-that will take fine detail. He describes different options for popular beard variations, plus basic rules for painting, finishing and sealing.

  • TURNING WOOD WITH CARBIDE TOOLS: Techniques and Projects for Every Skill Level

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    Everything a woodturner needs to know about using and implementing the exciting new technology of replaceable carbide cutting tips is included in this guide. Woodturning tools have taken a quantum leap since the recent introduction of these tips that have greatly simplified the task of turning in dry stock. Carbide-tipped woodturning tools are safer, faster, easier, and more efficient than traditional tools that require grinding the end of a piece of fluted steel to one of dozens of subjective profiles. The technology of the carbide cutters is fully explained, as are the various shafts and the function of the handle designs, providing insight into how and why these cutters act as they do, and why they are shaped as they are. Removing the intimidating aspects of turning, the guide explains the elimination of sharpening, addresses the issues of chatter and fatigue, and advises on maintenance, techniques, and usage. A number of projects are included—such as a candlestick, spinning tops, and a basic bowl—that can be completed right away by novice turners, rather than waiting for years to gain enough experience to do the same job with traditional tools.

  • FRENCH POLISHING: Finishing and Restoring Using Traditional Techniques

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    French polishing is widely considered to be one of the most beautiful way sot finish wood. This concise, no-nonsense guide to the proces of applying layers of shellac to create a rich, high-gloss surface includes all you need to know about French polishing, from chooosing materials and settin gup your workship to prepare the surface and applying the finish. By Derek Jones.

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