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"How to Select and Apply the Right Finish". This is the completely revised and updated edition of Flexner's classic work on finishing. Includes the latest technical updates, step-by-step instructions, 40 must have reference tables, over 300 color photos, and numerous tips for the professional and hobbyist. An excellent work on finishing.

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    This is part of the "Complete Illustrated Guide" series. Joinery covers all practical joints a woodworker will ever need in a step-by-step photo format. The strength of the book lies in the many ways that are covered to arrive at the same joint. For example there are eleven methods discussed just for the mortice and tenon. This gives woodworkers the option to choose the best method to fit their tools and skills. The author has been a professional woodworker for over 20 years and directs the Northwest Woodworking Studio, a woodworking school.

  • Home Remodeling: Planning • Design • Construction

    Home Remodeling: Planning • Design • Construction $24.95

    While new construction has slowed to a crawl and upgrading to a bigger house is no longer a sure thing, more and more homeowners are choosing to remodel. They’re actively looking for information on how to make their current home a better place to live. This collection of 36 articles from the experts at Fine Homebuilding lays out detailed information on every stage of remodeling—from planning and design to building and installation, upgrades, finishing, and clean-up. Coverage includes interior and exterior design and building strategies, as well as information on additions and tips for living comfortably through a remodel. With 300 color photographs, 75 drawings, practical sidebars, and case studies, this complete guide is a one-stop reference. For over 30 years Fine Homebuilding, based in Newtown, Connecticut, has been the magazine of choice for people who care about quality home improvement and construction. Today, with a circulation of 300,000, it is the best source of home improvement information, inspiring readers to build projects better, faster, and more efficiently.

  • How to Season and Dry Your Own Wood

    How to Season and Dry Your Own Wood $24.95

    Wood may grow on trees, but it’s still expensive, especially for fine woodworkers in the market for high-quality lumber. Here’s the answer: an expert’s handbook on finding, processing, seasoning, and drying your own wood. Designed with the independent craftsperson in mind, it focuses on working with small loads—an approach neglected in most other books on this subject. There are tips on sources, as well as on how to select and prepare the wood to bring out the most desired grain patterns. A truly unique resource. Alan Holtham is a woodworker and a journalist who writes extensively on this subject for specialist publications including Woodturning magazine, New Woodworking, The Router and Furniture & Cabinetmaking.



    How to make something from nothing, well, almost nothing! If, like most of us, you have a pile of leftover wood scraps stashed away in your shop, you’ll rejoice over Derek Jones’s book, Woodworking from the Scrap Pile. Now, at long last, a book packed with great ideas for turning that trash heap into treasure! 20 useful projects made from odds and ends. These made-from-scrap projects will not only clean up your shop, but provide satisfying work that results in useful items for your home, office, garden – or as nicely made gifts. Projects include: wooden salad serving forks, serving platter, and meat tenderizer that would cost a pretty penny in a specialty shop, along with a letter rack, tool caddy, cute bird house, and more. Show and tell instructions, tips for all skill levels. Each clever project is explained in clear, straightforward terms, with step-by-step photos that “show and tell” exactly what to do. And, whatever your abilities, there are plenty of projects for you – and opportunities to turn little bits and pieces into beautiful accessories like those in high-end shops.

  • WOODTURNING DESIGN: Using Shape, Proportion and Decoration#

    WOODTURNING DESIGN: Using Shape, Proportion and Decoration# $24.95

    Where does a design idea come from? And what does it take to bring it to life? This invaluable design reference for new and advanced woodturners alike answers these questions and more. In Woodturning Design, author Derek Hayes takes turners step-by-step through the process of design, beginning with basic principles and then moving into proportion, pattern, and form. He also addresses working with different woods, color, and decoration. Hundreds of instructional photographs and illustrations will assist readers at every turn. Although many crafters can follow clearly illustrated instructions to achieve a desired result, they struggle with adapting the design to become uniquely their own. This practical yet inspirational book will motivate turners to take what they learn here and transform wood in new and different ways.



    Filled with fish-tested designs as well as carving and painting techniques, this guide provides instructions for creating a variety of fresh and saltwater lures. Exploring the science of catching fish—what colors and shapes fish are attracted to and how to replicate them—the handbook tells which lure designs will attract which type of fish. Outlining the difference between surface, floating, diving, and sinking lures, this manual offers full-sized carving patterns and step-by-step demonstrations. Additional information about hardware, hooks, and jointed lures is also included, as is an elaborate gallery of historic and contemporary wooden lures. For the active fisherman, fishing lure collector, or the crafty carver and painter, this full-color handbook provides more than 20 projects to make and use.

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