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This new edition contains more techniques, more photos, new projects, and a thorough updating of all the latest lathes and accessories. Includes boring and routing on the lathe as well as spindle and faceplate turning. 12 new projects.

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  • Handmade Furniture: 21 Classic Woodworking Projects to Build for Your Home

    Handmade Furniture Cover $19.95

    by Rafael Nathan. For a woodworker, there’s nothing more satisfying than building a project that adds beauty and function to a busy home: the stunning cutting board used every night in the kitchen, the elegant and helpful end-table next to the bed, or the handsome coffee table that proudly serves in the living room. Ultimately, it’s the handmade pieces of furniture that become the family heirlooms for generations to come. With Handmade Furniture by Rafael Nathan, a professional cabinetmaker and the former co-publisher of Australian Wood Review, woodworkers of all skill levels will discover 21 beautiful projects that will be a welcome and proud addition in any room in the house. Ranging from boxes and trays to tables and cabinets, the stylish yet straightforward projects require only a limited number of hand and power tools and will enhance a woodworker’s joinery abilities as they progress from biscuits and dowels to dovetail and mortise and tenon joints.

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  • CNC ESSENTIALS: The Basics of Mastering the Coolest Machine in your Workshop

    CNC ESSENTIALS: The Basics of Mastering the Coolest Machine in your Workshop $24.95

    Operate Your New CNC Machines with Skill and Confidence. CNC machines are now easier to use, less expensive to purchase, and will greatly increase woodworking productivity in the shop. So, if you’re looking to buy one — or you already have but wish the user manual actually made sense — then CNC Essentials is for you. Veteran woodworker George Vondriska of Fine Woodworking, WOOD, and the WoodWorkers Guild of America walks you effortlessly through each step in learning to use this game-changing woodworking machine. Project design essentials, toolpath basics, machine setup, bit selection, and more are all explained in an approachable and easy-to-understand format that will have any woodworker maximizing the full capacity of their CNC machine. Helpful practice projects in 2-D, 2.5-D, and 3-D will ensure that you’ve grasped the basics of this versatile tool, while a gallery will inspire you to create your own imaginative designs.



    This practical manual has all the information you need to select and pour the right mix for the job, lay out the structure, choose the right form materials, design and build the forms, and finish and cure the concrete. Step by step instructions show how to construct and erect most types of site fabricated wood forms. Over 200 man-hour tables, charts and clear illustrations.

  • CIVIL WAR WOODWORKING: 17 Authentic Projects for Woodworkers and Reenactors

    CIVIL WAR WOODWORKING: 17 Authentic Projects for Woodworkers and Reenactors $24.95

    “Civil War Woodworking” contains 17 woodworking projects—ranging from fairly easy to moderately difficult—which allow the reader to accurately reproduce authentic objects from the Civil War era. The book’s introductory chapters discuss relevant topics such as manufacturing/woodworking in the 19th century, a discussion on authenticity standards, and ways to duplicate 19th-century workmanship/ materials/ finishes in the modern shop. The bulk of the book consists of the project chapters, including an officer’s field desk, an ammunition box, a folding camp table, a camp chest, and more. In addition to step-by-step instructions and photograph, each of the project chapters provides Civil War history about the item. Also included are period photos of original items in their original settings, as well as modern photos of reenactors using these items. “Civil War Woodworking” will be highly appealing to both the woodworker interested in building his own period objects and the Civil War reenactor with his dedication to historical authenticity.


    CODE CHECK BUILDING, 2nd Ed. $17.95

    Code Check Building's 2nd Edition is a builder, remodeler, and inspector's trusted friend. The most up-to-date information presented in Taunton's Code Check series' trademark straightforward text and unique illustrations. Designed to withstand the jobsite, Code Check Building has durable laminated pages and spiral binding. Toss it in the truck, put it in your on-the-job portfolio, or make room in the tool box -- just be sure to keep it at reach...you'll be needing it.


    THE PEN TURNER'S WORKBOOK, 3rd ed. # $14.95

    Revised, 2nd edition. Six projects from the original edition are joined by new pens, more troubleshooting, and new materials geared toward experimenting with new media as well as making the most out of small stock. Gross discusses new finishes such as snake skin, and 24 karat gold, as well as laser work and plastic inserts.

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