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Working wood with hand tools is one of the most satisfying, relaxing and rewarding activities available, and adding planes to a woodworking regimen augments it in several ways. When we plane the face or edge of a board, we slice across cells, exposing a multitude of voids. When we sand, we fill up those voids with dust, the residue of crushed cell walls. As a finish is applied, the difference is immediately obvious. A planed surface has a deep, rich, translucent quality that is missing in a sanded piece. This is a book for the average woodworker of every skill level (except for the very advanced) – a simple, straightforward shop manual for people who own a few bench planes and would like to know how to use them. This book dispenses with the lore and legend of planes, and treats them simply as tools while still preserving their dignity. The book contains how-to photography that is in step-by-step support of the text. Each image visually represents hard facts that are alluded to in the text. For example, a page on sharpening an iron will show the reader four images that illustrate flattening the requisite area of the back; grinding a primary bevel; honing a secondary bevel; and testing for sharpness.

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  • CUTTING EDGE ROUTER TIPS & TRICKS: How to Get the Most out of Your Router

    CUTTING EDGE ROUTER TIPS & TRICKS: How to Get the Most out of Your Router $24.99

    Part of the "Cutting Edge" series. Jim Stack is the editor of Popular Woodworking Books and here he gives you the tools and techniques you need to get the very best out of your router. Included are over 20 jigs and fixtures to boost your router's utility. Stack shows not only how to make the jigs but how to use them. Plans are included as well as three projects. Shown are a circle and arc routing jig, self-centering jig, face-routing system, routing a groove in a curved rail, routing a cavity, dovetail routing, template routing, and more.



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    Creating Your Own Woodshop $26.99

    Many typical woodshops are works in progress and have been set up haphazardly over time, often at the expense of efficiency, safety and ultimately woodworking comfort. By offering a plan for any size and location of shop, this book solves your woodshop planning problems and will even help you redesign an existing inefficient shop. Topics covered include electrical, lighting, zoning permits, dust collection, workflow and much more.

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    The Perfect Edge: The Ultimate Guide to Sharpening for Woodworkers $29.99

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  • Wildlife Portraits in Wood: 30 Patterns to Capture the Beauty of Nature

    Wildlife Portraits in Wood: 30 Patterns to Capture the Beauty of Nature $14.95

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